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Modern Prefabs

Shapes that inspire. Luxury prefabs made by House Dreamers. Available in 200 different and unique designs.

Luxury Design

We offer cottages, city homes, bungalows, residential houses and multi-storey houses with a unique and luxury design.

Modular Construction

The modular construction makes our prefabs easily expandable. Upgrade and expand your home to your future needs.

Luxury Prefabs made by House Dreamers

Prefabricated houses by House Dreamers. We turn your dream house into reality. Construction without any compromise with ready-for-use homes by House Dreamers. Our prefabricated houses are available in over 200 different designs. Simply contact us for an unbinding offer.


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Offered Prefabs


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Luxury Prefabs

Make your dreams come true with the prefabs made by House Dreamers. The modular construction makes our prefabs easily expandable.

Modern Shapes

Our ready-for-use homes are integrated into the natural environment. Modern profiles are perfectly incorporated into the surroundings, guaranteeing you a real feeling of liberty.

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Individual Design

Modern homes must fit the people who live in them. Therefore we design your unique and individual ready-to-use house fully to your ideas and lifestyle.

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Turnkey delivery

Quick and easy way to your new home. House Dreamers provides you stylish planned ready-for-use homes for a fixed price. Turnkey construction with House Dreamers.

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Quality which inspires

High-quality materials, a luxury design and a proper implementation, that is what House Dreamers stands for.

Timeless Design

We make your dream of your luxury home come true. Ageless and modern prefabs by House Dreamers.

Over 200 Designs

We have the perfect home for every taste. Choose your personal dream house out of over 200 diverse designs.

Modular Structure

Thanks to the modular construction, our prefabs are expandable without trouble.

Fixed Price Constructing

We dislike hidden costs. With House Dreamers you construct your prefab home to a guaranteed fixed price.

World Wide Available

Our prefabs are available worldwide. No matter what country you live in, we can construct your new home.

Quality & Service

Quality and service is our priority. Only if you as a customer are satisfied, we will be as well.

Achieve your dream
of your own home!

Homes must fit to the residents which live there. Only you know your needs. Acting on this assumption we include your visions into our concepts. This way we create your unique ready-for-use home which is custom-tailored to your wishes. Simply contact us for a non-binding conversation.

Living space design
for your liking!

Together we plan your living space to fit your wishes and vision. Individual room layout adjusted to your way of living. Your personal ready-to-use home, completely adapted to all your needs.


Offered Prefabs


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If you have any Question about our services, feel free to contact us at any time.

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Modern Prefabs.
Designed unique for your life.